Owl and hawk

Yesterday’s walk, I brought my camera, hoping to spot the barred owl again this week. The weather was warm, in the 70s and humid, and a mid-day walk was quite warm, no shade in the woods at this time of year.

Amazingly, our barred owl was perched in the same hidden spot we found him the week before, sleepily resting in his tree. I quickly and quietly captured a few photos using my Coolpix point and shoot. Here is a shot of the tree without any zoom, along with some close ups using the full zoom. This owl was observing me again this week, didn’t budge. I will make sure to look for him there again.

View of the barred owl from the trail
Barred owl viewing us from his branch, on super zoom
Barred owl

While observing the owl, we saw a hawk flying in the distance and out of sight. It wasn’t until further down the path and almost out of the wood altogether that I happened to see this Cooper’s Hawk perched nice and tall on a low tree branch surveying the ground below. It stood still while I took a few photos.

Cooper’s Hawk visible from the trail
Cooper’s Hawk from another angle

These two birds of prey were the highlights of the walk.  Photos of other birds and plants from this same walk will be shared in a separate post.

Barred owl – Strix varia

Cooper’s hawk – Accipiter cooperii



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