First few days of spring

The new growth in the woods adds bright shades of green, white, yellow, or purple to the woods like flags heralding Spring approaching.  With activity among the birds and squirrels, there are nice surprises along the trail.

This past weekend we spotted the barred owl and the Cooper’s hawk (see previous post), as well as numerous robins hopping and shuffling in the leaves and occasionally posing for us with their red chests fluffed out.  A few squirrels appeared to be doing their spring cleaning, clearing out cozy nooks in the trees.  These woods have plenty of tree nooks which look like they would make useful housing.  Although we didn’t see any woodpeckers this time, we heard them tapping the tree trunks for food in a couple places along the trail.  Several red male cardinals chirr-uped aside the trail, sometimes heard before seen!  And we’ve noticed them in the same location two weeks in a row.

Mostly the woods are still carpeted in leaves, but in the places where early spouting and early blooming plants have taken hold, there is new green and delicate colors.  This week I brought my camera to document a few places where these plants have burst up through the leaves.  The snowdrops have been up and flowering for several weeks now, and a few late blooms are holding on.  The ivy and some grasses are more slowly creeping forth, with subtle shades of green.

Blanket of leaves? No problem for this marsh marigold to emerge waving the Spring flag.
Male cardinal appears to usher in the Spring. He must notice the changes to the woods, new green vines and ivies
Most of the woods


Emergence of green in the woods
A patch of cheery but sleepy daffodils brightening the woods
Robins keep us constant company, color coordinated with the forest floor
This colony of snowdrops suddenly sprang through the leaves with beautiful white flowers a few weeks ago; this one in the foreground, and a few in the background, still hold their blooms
This squirrel was clearing out this cozy nook before poking his head out to take a look.
Periwinkle patch!
This could be the work of a woodpecker
Small flowers brave the changing temperatures to open in the sun.
One flowering cherry tree in the woods; fewer blossoms this year due to unusually warm weather followed by freezing temps

Until next time!


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